Six lecturers of the Department of English Education (DEE) FKIP UMS are invited to give lectures for the students of the Department of English Language at Pangasinan State University (PSU), the Philippines on November 28, 2019 at Lingayen Campus. The lecturers invited are Dr. M. Thoyibi, M.S., Mauly Halwat Hikmat, Ph.D., Koesoemo Ratih, Ph.D, Aryati Prasetyarini, S.Pd., M.Ed., Susiati, S.Pd., M.Ed. and Fitri Kurniawan, S.Pd., M.ResEdu. Each of them teaches one different class of the Department. They deliver diverse materials based on the students’ needs. There are literature, language and journalism classes at the department. Dr. Thoyibi teaches a topic on English literature in the literature class; Dr. Mauly gives a lecture on language assessment in the language class; Dr. Ratih explains about English as a second language in the language class; Aryati depicts how parts of speech are formed in the language class; Susi divides the class into some groups to discuss different types of the Philippine cultures in the journalism class; and Fitri motivates the students how to deliver a good public speech in the literature class. Dr. Edna Queriones, the Head of English Language Department of PSU, the Philippines said “this good collaboration can be a stepping stone for these two institutions to improve their qualities on teaching, research and other strategic issues.”

Previously, there has been a signing for collaboration between Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta and Pangasinan State University, the Philippines containing some clauses including visiting scholars/professors, student mobility, joint research, joint publication, joint community service.

The Signing of MoU between Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta, Indonesia and Pangasinan State University, Philippines

The Six DEE Lecturers, the Head of English Language Department of PSU, Dr. Edna Queriones and the Deputy, Dr. Jessie S. Paragas at the Seminar Hall of PSU, Philippines

Dr. M. Thoyibi, M.S. is Giving a Lecture on English Literature in the Literature Class

Mauly Halwat Hikmat, Ph.D Having Taught about Language Assessment is with the Language Students

Koesoemo Ratih, Ph.D. Having Taught about English as a Second Language is with the Language Students

Aryati Prasetyarini, S.Pd., M.Pd. Having Taught about Lexicon and Dr. Jessie S. Paragas are in the Language Class

Susiati, S.Pd., M.Ed. Having Given a Lecture on Cultures is with the Journalism Students

Fitri Kurniawan, S.Pd., M.ResEdu is Teaching Public Speaking to the Literature Students