Voca Al-Kindi, a choir group of Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta (UMS), has just grabbed two gold medals for folklore and mixed categories at Karangturi International Choir Competetition (KICC) 2019 conducted by Yayasan Pendidikan Nasional Karangturi on November 13 – 16, 2019 at Liem Liang Peng Theater in Semarang, Central Java. The group members are the students from diverse Departments of UMS. The students of the Department of English Education of FKIP UMS involved are Bagus Saputro Nurcahyo, Afina, Nur Khasanah and Arlida Titania who are all currently in the 5th semester. The competition is participated by choir groups of Higher Education from some different countries in ASEAN and beyond. Congratulations!



Voca Al-Kindi Performance for Folklore Category at KICC 2019

Voca Al-Kindi Performance for Mixed Category at KICC 2019

Four DEE Students Involved in the UMS Choir.
(Left to Right): Nur Khasanah, Afina, Arlida Titania, Bagus Saputro Nurcahyo

Gold Medal Certificate for Folklore Category Awarded to Voca Al-Kindi UMS

Gold Medal Certificate for Mixed Category Awarded to Voca Al-Kindi UMS